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Picture Cleaning and Restoration

Please telephone 01223 890386 or email darrylnantais@googlemail.com

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We handle every painting as if it were the original “Last Supper” by Leonardo Di Vinci. Over thirty years experience restoring works of art for the public and trade has given Darryl Nantais rare accumalitive skills. With the restoration of countless works by major artists, collectable paintings and by those not yet known to our credit we are proud of our reputation. Weather it is a piece created by your descendants, an inheritance, investment or simply because you admire the painting it deserves the very best treatment.

Picture cleaning & restoration require skill and analysis, passion and techniques highly sort after, although you will undoubtedly be surprised at how little it costs to breath life back into your painting.

“ We are still amazed and enjoying the picture restored by Darryl Nantais. Much of the image was missing but Darryl carefully put back what he thought may have been there originally. Sometime later we found an old sketch showing what was intended and to our delight, exactly how it is now. We still don't know how Darryl achieved this but suffice to say he has inimitable skills”

For all your picture cleaning and restoration requirements please see the contact details below: